Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tropical Farms Macademia Nut Farm

We had visitors last week! My very close friend Michelle brought her family out to Hawaii to stay with us for a week. It was wonderful to see them, and we got to visit a few new tourist sites with them.
My favorite was the Tropical Farms Macademia Nut Farm. I had heard wonderful things about this place, and we were not disappointed!
Here's Michelle's little man, Brendan, at the entrance.
We signed in for our tour of the farm, and then we had about an hour to wait. There was plenty to do to pass the time. They have a wonderful shop, with lots of free samples of flavored macademia nuts and yummy coffees.
The farm is in a gorgeous location, at the base of my favorite mountains.

There are lots of beautiful flowers.
Here's Michelle, checking out the flowers with the new baby (due in February!).
The boys enjoyed cracking macademia nuts with rocks and sharing the contents with the grownups.
And sharing with the many chickens who wait nearby. Finally, it was time for our tour. Here's our chariot:
And the inside:

Fortunately, we weren't going far! I'm not sure the bus would have made it...

We drove past fields of a variety of Hawaiian plants, and then we got out at a small outdoor amphitheater. Our guide, who was extremely entertaining, demonstrated some traditional Hawaiian activities.

This is a giant taro root. Taro is a very important food here in Hawaii.
He demonstrated how to open a coconut using a sharp stick.
He cut the coconut in half :And passed it around so we could drink from it (yuck...):We all got to try some fresh coconut meat, and then, the ever present chickens got a meal.
The guide made a fire:Lit some of the coconut fuzz on fire:
And performed a fire dance for us.He also made headbands for all of us. Crumpet was thrilled...Next, we got to take a little boat ride around their fishpond. There were beautiful views of the Kualoa mountains.Many movies have been filmed at this farm. This is the site of the cafe in 50 First Dates.

We got some gorgeous views of "Turtle Island" (do you see the turtle?).
We all had a great time on this tour. It was fun, yummy, educational and beautiful. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Oahu!

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