Friday, October 7, 2011

Kualoa Ranch

We had visitors last week, and it gave us the excuse to go visit a few tourist spots that we hadn't been to yet. One of those places was Kualoa Ranch.
Kualoa Ranch is in a beautiful location, nestled into those mountains that I love so much.
They offer a variety of tours of the land. Some are on ATV, some on horseback, and some by tour bus. We didn't go for a trail ride, but Crumpet got to climb around on a "horse" in the petting zoo:And check out some tree climbing goats:There are two reasons that I wanted to tour the ranch. One is that I wanted to get into those mountains, and see the valleys behind them:There are many different tours of Kualoa. They have historical tours, jungle tours, ocean tours, and the movie site tour. The movie site tour was my second reason for wanting to check out Kualoa Ranch. You see, Lost was filmed here, and I am an addict...
So we climbed aboard the bus and set off into the mountains.
We learned that early on, this land was used to grow sugar cane. This is what's left of an old sugar mill.
Sugar doesn't grow well in sandy soil though, so they started raising cattle instead. This is still a working cattle ranch, and you can buy beef during your visit. There are cows roaming all over the land.

This is an old military bunker which is now used to store movie posters and props:Here is the submarine that was used in the show Lost. I have to say that seeing the props and locations took away some of the magic of the show - I don't really want to know that the sub was just half a sub floating on the water ...We saw the site of Jurassic Park:And Godzilla's footprints. These footprints used to be much deeper, but cows kept getting stuck in them! So, they filled them in a bit!The film location of Windtalkers:A traditional Hawaiian home. This has been used in films, and they also use the area to teach children about Hawaiian history.There were beautiful views of the sea from the ranch. This is the island known as Chinaman's Hat:
And Turtle Island:
This was a fun tour, and it was nice to finally see what was back there!

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  1. How did you like this place and is it worth paying for??