Monday, January 3, 2011

Honolulu City Lights

Honolulu lights up for Christmas! The palm trees are lit up and the stores are decorated. The best area to visit is City Hall. The building itself is decorated inside and out, and the whole block is full of displays. There are rides for the kids, and snacks too. We chose to take a trolley ride into town to avoid the hassle of parking, and we knew Crumpet would love it. He did. Look at the joy on his face:
When we got downtown, we were given half an hour to explore. Here is a barefoot Santa doing the shaka with his hand (this is a hand gesture the Hawaiians use to say "Everything is alright dude!" Crumpet has gotten pretty good at it...)

A sea turtle with snacks...
This was a beautiful tree:
Santa was in City Hall, but Crumpet would have nothing to do with him this year:
He would pose with the Bumble though. This is the Abominable Snowman from the Rudolph movie. I love it!
There were people applying glitter tattoos for the kids. The man said that if Crumpet was careful not to scrub the tattoo in the bath, it would last 3-5 days. He has been obsessive about not touching it and reminding us not to scrub it, and this tattoo has been on for 2 weeks! I'm pretty sure he'll have a crazy snowman shaped suntan when it finally comes off!

I love this tree. It looks like it is covered in giant Easter eggs.
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas.
Next year we will drive in so we have more time to explore. Crumpet didn't get to ride the rides, and I'm sure we missed some displays. We loved this trip though!

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