Friday, November 5, 2010

Field Trip Friday - USS Missouri

Several months ago, we visited the USS Missouri, or as Crumpet says "The Mississary". This is an old World War II ship which is now a museum here in Pearl Harbor. We can see it every day from Crumpet's bedroom window.
The USS Missouri was commissioned in 1944 and it was used in battles in World War II. It was on this ship that the Japanese signed the official instrument of surrender, thereby ending the war. The ship was used again in the Korean War before it was decommissioned. The Missouri was reactivated in 1984 and used once again during Operation Desert Storm in the 90's, before being retired once and for all. In 1998, it became a museum.
Crumpet's dad has done some volunteer work refinishing the decks of this ship, and he was given a few pieces of the old decking as a souvenir, which is pretty neat.

Big guns:

Crumpet signaling other ships using the lamp:

Below deck:
In the mail room, stamping packages for sailors:
Typing up important messages, on a typewriter... Remember those?
My husband told me what this was, and I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten, exactly. I think it has to do with deflecting incoming missiles, but don't quote me.
View of the USS Arizona Memorial from the top of the ship:
View of Ford Island, where we live:
Crumpet enjoyed sitting here and 'shooting' the guns. He spent a lot of time shooting guns on this ship:
I'm thinking about taking Crumpet back to visit this ship while Daddy is deployed. He wasn't very interested in things like the kitchen and dining areas, or the sleeping areas. There are no guns in those areas, so who cares about that boring old stuff?? Now, I'd like to have him look around again, so he has a better feel of where Dad is living right now. If we go back, I'll add more pictures to the blog.
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  1. To a boy, guns are always the favorite part!! Visiting from Live the Adventure - enjoyed your post.

  2. This reminded me so much of our trip to the USS Wisconsin when we were in Virginia. We went several times because once just wasn't enough for my boys! :) Unfortunately, we weren't permitted to go beneath deck on that one...something to do with the possibility that it could be called back into duty (at that time) if it was needed, so it wouldn't due for people to have had access to many areas of the ship.

    Once again, you know ...if we ever get to Hawaii...this will be on our list of places to visit. The list is getting quite long...

    Thanks for linking up! Blessings! :)