Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Atlantis Submarine

A few weeks ago, we rode in a submarine to tour some of the reefs off the coast of Waikiki. It was such a great experience to be underwater, right up close to the fish, turtles, and rays. We even saw a couple of sharks.
The tour leaves from a pier on Waikiki beach. Here's Waikiki, Land of the Tourist:
The pier. A ferry boat pulls up here to take everyone out to the sub. The ferry boat has bathrooms, food, souvenirs; everything you will be missing for an hour when you are underwater.
Cool dragon boats at the pier:
A model of the submarine we were on:
The submarine waiting for us:
Hubby and Crumpet looking out the window. I have never been seasick, but while we were inside the sub, waiting to submerge, I was incredibly nauseous and thought I might just embarrass myself. Fortunately, the seasickness passes once you stop rocking around on the surface.
Fish! Underwater!
Many of the reefs around Hawaii are dying due to warming ocean waters. Scientists have created a variety of artificial reefs to provide homes for the fish and other sea creatures that live here. Some are shaped like this pyramid.
Some reefs are coils like this:
More fish!
There is also an airplane which they sank to create a reef:
And there are 2 old ships:

There is a sea turtle in the center of the picture below. These are truly beautiful to watch swimming. It's like they are flying through the water. The green sea turtle is endangered, but we have been lucky to see quite a few already.
And an interesting scientific fact. There is less light at the bottom of the ocean than there is at the top. As a result, colors fade the deeper you travel. It's hard to tell but here is my red shirt at the surface of the sea:
And my brown shirt at the bottom of the sea:
It was really cool to watch everyone's clothes change colors. And to ride in a submarine. My husband rode subs for the Navy for years, and now I can say I've done it too! This was a really fun trip.
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  1. Wow! I loved the submarine...you did a great job as tour guide! I had to show my kids how your shirt changes color- they didn't believe me so they had to look at it for themselves. Very interesting. I'm making a list for when we take that Hawaii trip- whenever that may be. Blessings!:)